Cookie policies

On the NFR CLOTHING SAC websites, we use our own or third-party cookies to (i) improve our services and their operation, as well as to optimize the experience of our users; (ii) prepare statistical information; and, (iii) personalize the content we offer to our users based on an analysis of their browsing habits.

The objective of this Policy is to help you understand how and why NFR CLOTHING SAC uses cookies and the options you have to manage them.

  1. Definitions

E-commerce: corresponds to the websites and mobile applications of NFR CLOTHING SAC .

The Company: NFR CLOTHING SAC with RUC Nº 20610767193

  1. What are cookies?

Cookies are files that are stored on the user's terminal when browsing the Internet and that, in particular, contain a number that allows the user's device to be uniquely identified, even if it changes its location or IP address. Cookies are installed during Internet browsing, either by the websites that the user visits or by third parties with which the website is related, and allow the user to know their activity on the same site or on others with which they are connected. relate this one. For example: the place from which you access, the connection time, the device from which you access (landline or mobile), the operating system and browser used, the most visited pages, the number of clicks made and data regarding the behavior of the user. user on the Internet. The Company's websites are accessible without cookies being activated under the terms indicated below. However, deactivating them may prevent their correct functioning.

  1. What do we use cookies for?

We use strictly necessary and essential cookies so that you can use our websites and mobile applications and be able to move freely, use secure areas and personalized options. In addition, we use cookies that collect data related to website usage analysis. These are used to help improve customer service, measuring usage and performance of the page to optimize and personalize it.
Our site may also have links from social networks (such as Facebook or Twitter). The Company does not control the cookies used by external websites. For more information about cookies from social networks or other third-party websites, we advise you to review their own cookie policies.

4.What type of cookies do we use and what use do we make of them?

Session cookies : These are those that last as long as the user is browsing the website and are deleted at the end. They serve to store information that is only interesting to keep for the provision of the service requested by the user on a single occasion.
Persistent cookies : These cookies are stored on the user's terminal for a longer time, thus facilitating control of the chosen preferences without having to repeat certain parameters each time the website is visited.
Own cookies : These are cookies created by this website or application, and that can only be read by the site or application itself. On the Company's website, its own persistent cookies are installed for the following purposes:

Techniques : These cookies are used to control the loading of the images that appear on the homepage, depending on the parameters that have been programmed (time, number of times viewed, etc.). They also serve to allow access to certain parts of the website and to locate the user.

Personalization: These cookies allow the user to access the service with some predefined general characteristics, based on a series of criteria on the user's terminal (for example, the language, the type of browser through which the service is accessed, the regional settings from where you access the service, etc.).

Analysis: These cookies allow us to track incoming traffic to the website and analyze user behavior on the site. These cookies generate an anonymous user ID that is used to measure how many times a user visits the site. Likewise, it records when the first and last time you visited the site and when a session and your browsing have ended. This allows the Company to introduce improvements to the website based on the analysis of user usage data.

Third-party cookies: These are cookies created by third parties. These consist of:

Social network cookies : The Company uses cookies from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, among other social networks, so that the user can share content from the website or mobile application on the aforementioned social networks; or, to facilitate registration in E-commerce, so that with the data that users have provided to social networks we can directly complete the fields of the registration form in E-commerce.

Advertising cookies : At the Company we use cookies stored by third-party companies that manage the spaces that display the Company's advertising and to which users access. These cookies allow us to measure the effectiveness of our online campaigns, provide information of your interest and offer you advertising content of your preference. Through the cookie policies of these third parties you can obtain more information about their operation and their use of cookies.

  1. Cookie Management

Cookies that may be installed during your navigation on the Company's website and may be managed by you, by disabling or rejecting them. You can do this whenever you deem appropriate, through your browser's configuration options.
If you accept our cookies , you allow us to improve the Company's websites and applications, to offer you optimal access and give you a more effective and personalized service.
If you disable some of our cookies , this will affect your browsing experience and the services and features we offer on our websites and applications. If you decide to disable all cookies , we will only use session cookies , which are essential and essential for the navigation and operation of our website.
To block or disable cookies, you must activate your browser settings so that the installation of all or some cookies is rejected, as you choose. Most browsers allow you to warn about the presence of cookies or automatically reject them. If they are rejected, you can continue using this website, although the use of some of its services may be limited, we will not be able to maintain your preferences; and some features of the pages or apps will not be operational, or will function partially, making your browsing experience less satisfactory.

  1. Validity of this Policy

We may change the information in this policy in the future. If we do so, we will notify you in different ways, for example, through a banner, a pop-up or a push notification, among others, so that you can review the changes, evaluate them and, where appropriate, object by modifying your browser settings. An updated version of the Cookies Policy will always be published on the Company's website.